Nissan Opens Fast-Charging Stations Along UK 'Motorway' Network

When UK clean energy company Ecotricity launched a nationwide EV charging network, I suggested it was an important step toward overcoming range anxiety for would-be electric car buyers. In fact, as I've argued before, in these early stages of the electrification of personal transportation we might be better off focusing on the development of EV infrastructure than the pace of car sales. So as Tesla unveils its solar powered supercharger network in the US, it's good to hear via Ecotricity that Nissan is installing fast chargers at strategic locations across Ecotricity's existing charging network:

Jim Wright, Managing Director of Nissan Motor (GB) said: “Many drivers would love to experience the convenience and cost saving benefits of a 100% electric vehicle such as the Nissan LEAF. But some still worry about the occasional journey which may be beyond the 109 mile range. By introducing fast charging infrastructure at strategic motorway service stations, Nissan and Ecotricity are removing that worry and making EVs practical to a whole new selection of buyers.”

So far, chargers have been installed in designated parking bays at Welcome Break motorway services in South Mimms (M25/A1), Oxford (M40) and Hopwood Park (M42). We're hoping these are the first of many.

Nissan Opens Fast-Charging Stations Along UK 'Motorway' Network
Fast charging infrastructure is beginning to roll out in many countries across the Globe. Will Nissan's latest announcement boost electric car sales?

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