Nissan Offers Roadside Assistance to LEAF Owners in Japan

nissan leaf blue electric-car photo

Photo: Flickr, CC
A Way to Reduce 'Range Anxiety'
Nissan has introduced a new roadside assistance service designed specifically for electric LEAF owners. The main goal is to reduce as much as possible what GM has been calling 'range anxiety' (they're even trying to trademark the term) by providing a backup plan to drivers who accidentally run out of juice far from an electrical outlet. The service will only be offered in Japan for now, but it wouldn't be surprising if it made it to other regions in one form or another (maybe partnerships with other roadside services?).
nissan leaf blue electric-car photo

Photo: Flickr, CC
For just such occasions when LEAF owners find themselves stranded without power, (and also for people who have a fear of such a situation), Nissan is offering a monthly service (1,500 yen/month-$18USD) that will pick you up, and drop you off at the nearest Nissan dealership to take advantage of their L3 (or L2 as the case may be) quick charge infrastructure to get you back on your way.

Also included in this $200-ish yearly program will be free 'check-ups' every 6 months for the LEAF, (no word on exactly what this entails as of yet), and will also provide insurance liability/coverage of up to 550,000 yen ($6,500USD) for expenses incurred by way of the battery running out of power. /I'm guessing pizza delivery at the side of the road is on Nissan

Those who use the LEAF for what it was designed - as a daily urban commuter that gets recharged each night and not a long-range driver - probably will never need to call this service, but sometimes the extra peace of mind that comes from having a safety net can be worth it.

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