Nissan LEAF to have 8-Year/100,000 Miles Battery Warranty

nissan leaf electric car battery photo

Nissan Leaf battery. Photo: Nissan
Matching the Chevy Volt
As predicted here, Nissan has decided to match GM and offer a 8-year/100k miles warranty on the battery pack of its LEAF electric car. It will be great for early adopters who will have one less thing to worry about (at least for the first 8 years or 100k miles), and it will be great for the transition to electrified transportation.

Photo: Nissan

This also probably means that the 8-year/100k miles warranty will be the minimum across the industry, and that to stand out automakers will have to go farther (10 years? 12 years?). We can also expect other models by Nissan (like a possible electric sports car based on the 370Z) to have the same coverage.

The MSRP for the LEAF starts at $32,780; the full Federal tax credit of $7,500 brings that down to $25,280. In California, the LEAF is eligible for an up to $5,000 CVRP rebate, bringing the price down to close to $20,000.

The LEAF will roll out in December in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Tennessee. In January 2011 , LEAF will debut in Texas and Hawaii.

The company currently has 17,000 reservations for the LEAF.

Via Nissan

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