Nissan Leaf Road Test: Fully Charged Goes for a Spin (Video)

nissan leaf test drive photo

Image credit: Fully Charged

Despite having recently relaunched his cult "Gearless" internet show as "Fully Charged", Robert Llewellyn continues to provide insightful, enthusiastic and down-to-earth content for folks interested in electric cars. From his recent road test of the BMW Mini-E to earlier exploration of fast electric car charging, his shows are clearly made for those of us who want to know what it's like to drive an electric car—not the precise details of how it's engineered. His latest show is no exception, as Robert gets absurdly excited at the prospect of driving the Nissan Leaf.

Driving with a representative from Nissan's UK Technical Center, Robert puts the Leaf through its paces—exploring everything from how long it takes to charge, through range, to what kind of servicing cars like this are likely to need. (Hint: You can forget about the usual engine maintenance hassles.)

As always, Robert keeps it short, sweet, friendly and entertaining. The man is clearly an advocate for, and champion of, electric cars—so I wouldn't expect a critical, objective review from Fully Charged. But it's kind of nice to see someone just get really excited about a field that is increasingly looking like the future of motorized private transport.

For those who are itching for more technical details, check out Mike's post on the Leaf's 8-Year battery warranty, or our exclusive pictures of the Nissan Leaf launch event.

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