Nissan Unveils New Note (59 MPG US in JC08 Cycle)

Nissan Note© Nissan

A 'Global' Hatchback

Nissan has unveiled the new Note, a global hatchback that unfortunately might not find a way to the U.S. intact. The new Note will go on sale in Japan this fall and arrive in Europe in 2013, but the U.S. might only get parts of it in the upcoming new Versa, which Nissan says will take "design cues" from the new Note. Let's hope some of those cues also include the fuel-efficiency, which is rated as 25.2 km/L (59.3 mpg US, 4.0L/100km) on the JC08 Japanese testing cycle when equipped with a new 3-cylinder 1.2L gasoline direct injection supercharged engine mated to a new continuously variable transmission (CVT) and idle-stop system. MPG would be lower on the EPA test cycle, but probably still among the very best for non-hybrids.

Hopefully some of that design language finds its way into the next Nissan LEAF electric car too. The sharper EVs look, the better (one less excuse for people not to keep buying gas-burners)...

Below is a video showing the new Note in action:

Here's the HR12DDR engine mentioned above.

Nissan Note engine© Nissan

Via Nissan, GCC

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