Nissan Gives Sneak Peak of 'Invitation' Concept Car

Nissan Invitation Concept© Nissan

Nissan's Next European B-Segment Car?

Ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, Nissan has released a few photos and details about a new B-segment concept car that it calls the 'Invitation'. The company claims that the Invitation, thanks to a lightweight platform and a very aerodynamic design, will get "class-leading" fuel economy. Sadly, there's no word yet about an electric or plug-in hybrid version, but considering how bullish Nissan's CEO is on electric vehicles, it wouldn't be too surprising if electric motors and batteries eventually found their way in the Invitation (or whatever the commercial version ends up being called).

Nissan Invitation Concept© Nissan

Class-leading performance and efficiency
Combining advanced engine technology, Nissan's acclaimed lightweight platform and an aerodynamically efficient body mean INVITATION achieves class-leading levels of fuel efficiency and emissions. Nissan is aiming for an ultra-low CO2 emission target of under 100g/km for the best model and with all versions eligible to wear Nissan's Pure Drive badge.

At the same time, responsive agile handling will ensure that when it comes to driving dynamics, INVITATION will compete with the top performers in the segment. (source)

Nissan Invitation Concept© Nissan

Personally I think it looks better than the LEAF and I'd love to see an electric version eventually come out (either as a replacement for the current LEAF's body or as a separate EV model). What do you think? Please let us know in the comments below.

Nissan Invitation Concept© Nissan

Via Nissan

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