Nissan to Follow LEAF with 3 New Electric Cars Models

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Carlos' Big Bet

As can be clearly seen in the documentary Revenge of the Electric Car (which you can watch for free on Hulu), Nissan has made a big bet on electric cars. They are not just making a couple thousand units to get favorable PR and meet quotas in places like California. They have invested billions in battery R&D, in building new factories, and they plan to make hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles per year.

The LEAF was just the first of many:

Nissan is planning to update and improve its Nissan Leaf, while making adjustments to provide options that are intended to make the cars more affordable.

The new electric vehicles will be a variant of the commercial electric vehicle NV200, named e-NV200, followed by a luxury sedan Infiniti LE, also powered by an electric engine.

The company will also focus on a small city car inspired by Nissan PIVO, which targets younger car owners.

As I said in the past, I hope that the updated LEAF will look more like the Nissan Invitation concept (pictured below). I'm sure that would boost sales!

Nissan Invitation Concept© Nissan

Via Tempo Interactive

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