Nissan cuts LEAF price by $15,000 in Australia

2013 Nissan LEAF
© Nissan

But it's still more expensive than in the US...

The international pricing of various products can sometimes be very weird. Canadians know what I'm talking about: Our dollar is at par with the American dollar, yet a lot of things sold up here are significantly more expensive than they are in the US. But Australians seem to have it a lot worse, at least when it comes to the LEAF electric car. Nissan has just slashed the sticker price by $15,000 aussie dollars (from about $51,500 to about $36,000 - note that the Australian dollar is almost at par with the U.S. dollar) and the LEAF is still much dearer than in the US.

No wonder only 116 electric LEAFs have been sold in the country so far, and those who took the plunge must feel pretty bad about the price they paid now that it has been cut. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20...

Thankfully, sales of the LEAF are going well in the U.S., with their second best month ever in April 2013, behind only March 2013 (with 1,937 and 2,236 units sold respectively). Nissan has also been making a push in the UK, allowing batteries to be leased separately from the vehicle itself (an interesting model that I'd like to see spread).

Via Telegraph, ABG

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