Nissan CEO Sparks Talk of Electric Cars


Although Nissan has been lagging behind Honda and Toyota in the hybrid-tech race, an all-electric Nissan car by 2010 may not be completely far-fetched.

Carlos Ghosn, the company's CEO, told reporters last week that Nissan was hard at work developing the next generation of smaller, lighter auto batteries, which bodes well for hybrids and electric cars alike.The lithium-ion batteries are already common in portable tech such as laptops and cell phones, but they have yet to be widely adopted by car manufacturers in the construction of their engines. (Tesla Motors, which will be rolling out its electric cars by this fall, is one exception.)

"We continue on the lithium ion battery. We think for us it's a competitive advantage," Ghosn said. "We have a lot of technology is this area, and we think this is going to be very helpful, not only for hybrids but also for electric cars."

Ghosn said that Nissan was serious about going one step further than its competitors and introducing vehicles powered only by electricity.

"If you have an efficient battery for a hybrid, why not go all the way and go for electric cars?" he asked. "It has zero emissions of anything."

Nissan is in talks to put a fleet of electric cars in the Japanese market, which would necessitate infrastructure such as charging stations. Ghosn declined to provide further details, only saying that the number of cars would be in "the hundreds." :: The Houston Chronicle

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