NICE Electric Car Company: Is it a Car, is it a Van, is it a Vectrix?


We briefly mentioned NICE electric car company in our post on the London Motor Show here. It looks like they are shaping up to be a serious competitor to companies like GoinGreen in the expanding electric car market in London. Not only are they now selling the Mega City electric city car, and the Multi Truck II, a delivery van designed for London businesses, they are now also the London dealer for the much awaited Vectrix – a high performance electric scooter which our correspondents have previously drooled over here and here. We are guessing this is a pretty new arrangement, as no prices for the Vectrix are up on the NICE site yet, but they are unlikely to be cheap.It’s, err, nice to also see NICE thinking about how their product will be used by the consumer. They have set up some very sensible partnerships with other green companies to encourage wider lifestyle changes, and make NICE driving even greener. For example, they have teamed up with Street Car to provide a car sharing membership package for NICE owners when they need to drive on longer journeys, and with Ecotricity to encourage buyers to switch their electricity supply to renewables. Overall, NICE represents a very impressive line up of products and services for greener mobility from the new kids on the block. Let’s just hope that the electic car boom takes off elsewhere too as we leave the fossil fuel era behind.

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