NFL player chases Justin Bieber's Ferrari in his Prius

Justin Bieber Ferrari vs NFL player Prius
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Ferrari vs. Prius

Ok, let me first preface this by saying that I don't know anything about Justin Bieber or NFL player Keyshawn Johnson, but when I saw this "Prius chases Ferrari" story referenced in my morning newspaper, I couldn't pass it up. Apparently Keyshawn Johnson lives in the same neighborhood as musician Justin Bieber, and he saw him recklessly zoom by in his Ferrari just as he was leaving a party in his Prius with his child in the backseat. According to TMZ:

Keyshawn was furious -- feeling Justin could've killed someone -- so he brought his kid home, then chased after the singer in his Prius (yes, a Prius chasing a Ferrari).

When KJ got to Bieber's pad -- he blocked Justin's Ferrari in the driveway and got out of his car to confront Justin face-to-face ... but Justin ran inside of his house and refused to come out.

FYI -- Keyshawn is 6'4", 212 lbs ... Justin's about 5'7", 110 lbs (soaking wet).

If that's not a good Prius hybrid ad, I don't know what is.

Former NFL player Eric Dickerson also lives in the neighborhood and Tweeted about the story:

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