Next Generation Prius: 94 MPG in 2008?


Spies at AutoExpress in the UK have dug up some info on the next generation Toyota Prius hybrid that indicates it will be capable of fuel efficiency approaching 100 miles per gallon. Such efficiency is available now, both with a spendy plug-in modification and light-footed driving techniques, but the next generation of Toyota's hybrid will reportedly achieve greater efficiency through a lighter, more efficient lithium-ion battery system that would replace the current nickel metal hydride batteries. An anonymous Toyota engineer is quoted as saying, "We are working a prototype that runs solely on the electric motor in slow traffic, but switches to engine and motor drive when higher speeds are needed." Subaru and Mitsubishi both plan to sell such cars by 2010, but Toyota hopes to get its new model on the road as early as 2008. Reportedly, engineers are also working on reducing the current car's 10.9-second 0-62 mph time by more than a second; perhaps the Prius will be a racecar yet...::AutoExpress via ::Green Car Congress