Nissan LEAF 2.0 to Have Wireless Charging Capability, Longer Range, Cheaper Price!

Nissan LEAF wireless chargingNissan/Promo image

A Better Electric Car in Every Way

The automotive journalist rumor-mill is murmuring that Nissan's next generation of the electric LEAF, which should come out around 2014, will have a number of upgrades and improvements that will make it a better electric car is pretty much every way. Everybody and their dogs were already expecting a lower selling price and a longer electric driving range, but there's one new juicy addition to the feature list in the form of wireless charging.

Nissan LEAF wireless chargingNissan/Promo image

Cutting the Cord!

Wireless charging will require the car to equipped with the proper hardware from the factory, so sorry first-generation LEAF owners, it won't be for you. You'll also need to put an induction plate on the ground, over which you can park the LEAF when you want it to recharge. The process is said to be 80-90% efficient, and the rate of charge is said to be between 3-6kWs. The car helps guide you over the induction loop -- check out the video below to see how that works. No word yet on how much this option will cost.

Nissan LEAF wireless chargingNissan/Promo image

Via Nissan, Auto Express, ABG

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