Nexo: The Argentinean Sustainable-Car Prototype


Yesterday, we presented one of the winners of the national Argentinean Innovar inventions-competition, the BCKSolar. Today we bring you the other prototype that caught our eye: the Nexo Project, a system to build vehicles for different uses from a common platform based on a number of similar pieces which makes it easy to produce and adapt, according to the user's needs. The engine works with compressed natural gas (CNG), with the option of evolving into electricity in the future. The car is also very small (2.10 metres long, 1.45 metres wide and 1.78 metres tall/6'8" long, 4'7" wide and 5'8" tall), which can probably help some of the problems related to urban transit in the future. It is estimated that each unit would cost around 4,500 dollars. Read about how it works and check more pictures in the extended. The Nexo project was developed by industrial designers Ernesto Frias and Nicolás Alem, both 26 years old. "The short distance among the axes is compensated by an adequate suspension, which makes this an agile vehicle, very easy to drive and park", explains Frias. "The modular structure is conformed by curved tubular steel pipes, and various pieces are repeated completely or partially; as there is only a minimum quantity of curvature patterns," he says. "The car's body is composed 90% by plate panels which are cut according to the desired finish and the rests are recycled, and completed with thermo-formed pieces".

The front and back trains, the engine and the stick present a complexity similar to the one of a three wheels charge vehicle. The Nexo car can be equipped with an engine which could get to 20 hp, enough to reach 80 kilometres an hour to go around the city. It can work with a 9 square metres CNG tank that can fuel up to 250 kilometres. As an alternative, there's also the option of an electric engine, but with less power.

Thanks to its adaptability, it car can be adapted into:

-Basic: three seats, oriented to young people, a first vehicle that would be accessible and safer than a motorcycle.
-Cargo: two seats and load space. It would be a pick-up orientaded to the urban worker or small companies.
-Multiplo: four seats. It would be a vehicle oriented to family groups, with more comfort elements.
-Ambulance: a special vehicle oriented to urgent transfers in the urban media. It would have special components.
Though the Nexo project is not yet to be produced, the designers are whiling to make contacts to make it hapen, so anyone interested can contact the designers through mail: proyectonexo at gmail dot com. Website coming soon. ::Nexo