NEWTEON Delivers Smog-free Silence in Cannes


The first thing we love about NEWTEON is their humble marketing strategy:

Thanks to a wide range of clean vehicles, NEWTEON offers adequate solutions for sustainable mobility.

Adequate solutions. Now here are some people who realize that this technology is in its mere infancy. Guys, we would like to offer you spectacular solutions for sustainable mobility, and we fully expect to soon, but today what we can really deliver on is adequate solutions. The rest of the world should be so honest.

The French version actually offers solutions adapted to your needs, so one can make of it what they will: either Newteon marketing is needing a better English translator, or perhaps they have really adapted to the need in the English world to say things straight in the age of greenwashing. The presentation goes on to say: "Professionalism, innovation, passion for environment, commitment... NEWTEON is a young pionneering company on the market of ecological vehicles." At any rate, the word was heard and heeded by the mayor of Cannes, who has taken delivery of 15 electronic vehicles for use in the public fleet. This newest success brought Newteon to our attention here at TreeHugger.

Newteon is exclusive distributor in France for the Italian companies MIcro-Vett (the shiny sunny guy on rollers in the collage) and for Piaggio Light Transportation Vehicles. Micro-Vett is a leader in electric vehicle technology and has over 4000 vehicles in service at places like Disneyland Paris, DHL, the Italian Post, and the cities of Rome, Oslo and Stockholm. Piaggio, renowned manufacturer of classic scooters, cycles and three-wheeled utility transporters (Ape) which are common on Italian roads, also offers electric-powered vans and trucks. Rounding out Newteon's offering are respected transport names like Iveco and Isuzu.

Newteon recently celebrated one year in business and is looking for distributors. We wish them success spreading the vision of slient, smog-free streets to all European cities.

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