New Zealand Drivers Use Blow-Up Dolls to Avoid Transit Fines


We know that New Zealand want to becomes the world's first carbon neutral country, that they are imbibing organic beer , and planning to fly biofuel aircraft. But there are some who want a free ride on the coat tails of green initiatives.

Take, for example, the bizarre methods employed by some Kiwis to benefit from carpooling transit lanes. Blow-up dolls, shop mannequins and dogs have been used to masquerade as the two passengers travelling with the driver in the transit lane, which is otherwise set aside for buses, taxis and bicycles. Apparently entrepreneurial students spied an opportunity and were selling their bodies as dummy passengers to be driven pass North Shore City traffic enforcement officers. They'd then run back down the down to negotiate another small fee from yet another driver, who wanted to avoid the $150 NZ fine for illegally driving in a transit lane.

Maybe if they're driving cars fuelled with moo juice we could cut the drivers a little slack. But really instead of a fine, we wonder if requiring offenders to catch the bus for two weeks might be a better way of demonstrating the rationale for transit lanes.

Afterall NZ's Auckland found that carpooling increased to 26.5% after they began enforcing transit lane rules, and the "average occupancy of all vehicles has risen from 1.9 to 2.69, representing an efficiency improvement of 42 per cent."

::North Shore City, via ABC

We found the pic at The Sun

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