New York's NYPD Gets 40 Altima Hybrids Patrol Cars

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Photo: NYC
The Boys In Blue get a Bit Greener
I don't know how many miles the average NYC police car drives in a year, but I'll bet that it's a lot, and at 16 MPG in city driving (that's for the regular Impala used by the NYPD), that's a lot of gallons of gas. So the deployment of 40 Nissan Altima hybrid patrol cars (18 marked and 22 unmarked) makes a lot of sense, and it can even save taxpayers some money, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the police department. Read on for more details.Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, said:

"Through savings in fuel, these Altimas can quickly cover their additional cost, from then they will save taxpayers money — another example of how going green is good for our environment and our pocketbooks."

Indeed, at $25,391 per car, the Altima hybrids cost about $1,500 more than the conventional Impala, but it gets about twice as many miles per gallon as the Impala does (35 vs. 16), so payback time on the cost difference should be pretty quick (not to mention that if (when?) oil prices go back up, savings will be even bigger).

What's the Next Step for New York City?
I guess the real question is: Why only 40?

I suppose they have to start somewhere, and make sure the cars perform well. But if they do, I hope that they'll keep taking steps to make the NYPD greener (not necessarily only with hybrids, there are probably lots of other options). Maybe within a few years electric cars will make sense, depending on how many miles the average patrol car drives in between shifts (when the battery could be recharged using a very high current charger, or just swapped out for a full battery at the station).

Via, Green Car Congress
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