New York to Require Climate Change Bumper Stickers


Well, actually, it's not what you think: It's something better. Last week, New York State became the second state after California to enact legislation requiring that car manufacturers include "climate index" stickers warning customers of the projected greenhouse gas emissions of the vehicle. The law becomes active with model year 2010 vehicles, and covers only cars and light trucks under 8,500 pounds (which apparently excludes Hummers)."Unfortunately," said chairman of the New York State Senate Environmental Committee, Senator Carl Marcellino, "climate change is not high on the mental check list when a consumer chooses a vehicle. This new law will help New York drivers make informed purchase decisions about the vehicles they drive. Our State must be at the forefront of intelligent responses in the fight on global warming, and this is a great first step in the battle."

This move amplifies a growing sentiment that it is up to US consumers, and not auto manufacturers, to demand more eco-friendly cars. :: New York Mandates Stickers (Via Lohas)