New York Times on Greening the Car Industry


If you like cars you will love the New York Times special section today, much of which is about the green car biz.

"NEARLY a century ago, Henry Ford declared a customer could have a car in any color as long as it was black. Now, carmakers around the world are trying to convince consumers that their lineups come in green." ::Getting to Green

"AS car commercials go, the ads for the Chevrolet Volt are a typical mix of children, blue jeans, cute dogs and folksy instrumental music. But they are different in one respect: the small print on the screen reads, "Not yet available for sale." ::G.M.'s Electric Dream Awaits Reality

And, "with all the myths, misperceptions and hype surrounding green automobiles, even the Web is filled with potholes of inaccuracy. These 10 sites will help fill your knowledge tank" ::10 Web Sites That Avoid Hybrid Hype Guess who's first? More at ::New York Times

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