New York City to Test 10 Electric MINIs

electric MINI E photo

10 MINI Es for NYC
New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that his city would get 10 electric MINIs out of the 500 that BMW will produce and lease, mostly in California (see links at the end). But some will be put to the test in fleet conditions. How will New York use its MINI Es?

Read on for more details.

electric MINI E photo

Finding Potholes in Style
New York will use its MINI Es as part of the "Street Condition Observation Unit," known as SCOUT, and be used to search for potholes and graffiti. Not exactly glamorous work, but this should mean about 100 miles per day, which should be a good test of the MINI E's theoretical 150 miles range.

The electric cars are scheduled to arrive in April (so unfortunately, no winter testing until next year).

Of the 500 electric MINIs produced by BMW, 450 will be leased to customers and 50 will be used in fleets like New York's. BMW has said that it won't mass produce the MINI E, but that a different electric car should come out in 2010.

Photos: Michael Graham Richard
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