New World Record: Norwegian team drives 452.8 miles on a single charge in Tesla Model S

Tesla distance world record
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If the man getting some rest in the photo above looks familiar, it's probably because he's one of the most active members of the online Tesla community, posting videos of his adventures and reviews on his Youtube Channel. His name is Bjørn Nyland, and we recently covered how he won a free Tesla Model X, which is a great reward for all his efforts.

So what has he been up to lately? Nothing short of a world distance record on a single charge in a Tesla Model S.

Tesla distance world recordYoutube/Screen capture
According to the official specs, the Model S P85D should be able to travel about 253 miles on one charge. Nyland and a friend decided to see how far the car could actually be pushed with some hypermiling tricks on real public roads, doing a long loop back-and-forth from the Rødekro Supercharger location in Denmark.

The record might not stand for a long time because Tesla has recently announced bigger 90kWh battery packs, and it wouldn't be surprised if next year they announced even bigger ones... But it still proves just how efficient an electric car can be and how much can be squeezed out of it if you don't drive too fast and are careful.

Asked if his journey will be certified by Guinness World Records, his co-driver replied, “Did not talk with the guys at Guinness, so I think not. They would probably want to track the whole thing with a sealed GPS box or something. We did GPS tracking to confirm the numbers in the Tesla though, but as this record may soon be taken by a 90D or eventually a 120D or similar, there was not much point to make it too official. It was more to show what is possible with this awesome family car.” (source)

Even with 452.8 miles in the bag, the car wasn't yet completely empty:

Some people suggested the duo could have eked out a few more kilometers if they just kept going until the car rolled to a stop. But Bjørn’s co-driver, said, “Yeah, we wanted to make it a trip with the same start as end point. Then there will be no trolling about difference in wind and elevation. We could have driven around a bit before going to the supercharger, but it was not worth the risk. We spent the whole weekend, and did not really have time to wait for a flatbed.”

Here is the video that they made of the record drive:

Tesla distance world recordYoutube/Screen capture

Tesla distance world recordYoutube/Screen capture

Here's more Nyland, starting with his hour-long review of the Model S P85D:

And here's a video of what he considers to be his best shots of 2014 with his Tesla:

Via Youtube, GCR

New World Record: Norwegian team drives 452.8 miles on a single charge in Tesla Model S
You can squeeze a lot out of this extremely efficient machine.

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