New Web Site Encourages Cycling Through Competition and Collaboration

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The Internet is a Great Tool for Promoting Sustainability
We've covered lots of ways in which the internet can be used for promoting all things green. For instance, there's the green search engine, green web hosting, 6 planet-saving Facebook applications and Google's Public Transportation feature in Google maps. Now a new web site-GreenlightRide--is promoting cycling by transforming "your ordinary commute into a high-stakes scramble to rack miles and leave your rivals grinding their granny gears." Learn more about the site after the fold.Essentially, the idea behind the web site, which was set up by Civia Cycles, a bicycle manufacturer, is to create both an online and real-world community of cyclists, who engage in friendly competition to see who can rack up the most miles, and also to exchange tips, questions about gear, etc. As the main page of the site says, GreenLight is "part online game, part real-world sport."

After filling out a simple and free registration, you can begin entering rides you've done, including distance, time, and type of ride (work, recreation or errands.) Next, you can join a team of riders, who compete against one another in a league based on most miles ridden (the site is new and there aren't many teams yet). Finally, the site can be used as a platform for communication between riders, and ideally will facilitate real-world interaction as well.

Hopefully this tool will make cycling even more fun and encourage more people to ride.

Via: GreenLightRide
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