New Ways to Destroy the Earth: The Humdinga


And it is a Humdinga of a vehicle, going 0 to sixty in 9.2 seconds on land, and getting up on a plane in the water in less than 10 seconds. It goes 100MPH on land and 40mph on water, kicking up a wake that is disrupting shoreline habitat for miles. " It took us 8 years, a million man-hours and tens of millions of pounds to develop HSA technology. With this latest vehicle, I'm sure that the technology's potential is clear for all to see.", comments Alan Gibbs, Chairman of Gibbs Technologies: Chew up landscape and help reach peak oil fast in both the military and civilian versions. No information on cost or miles per gallon, or if they are going to make a hydrogen powered version for Arnold. Warning on video below fold: Guy in the back has a gun. ::Gibbstech via ::Trendhunter