New Study Shows the Obvious: Americans Have Lots of Cars

Driveway with cars

Captain obvious strikes again. Americans have lots of cars! As much as we want more mass transit and walkable and bikeable cities, this only highlights why we also need cradle-to-cradle (100% recyclable and biodegradable) cars built and powered by clean energy, because all these vehicles won't disappear tomorrow. The study by Experian Automotive found that U.S. households that have at least one car have 35% chances of having three or more. The average is 2.28 vehicles per household.Of course some factors like the kids staying home longer can have an impact here, but the real conclusion, according to Scott Waldron, president of Experian Automotive:

It's obvious that regardless of where they live or what they earn, Americans place a high value on owning vehicles and in having at least two in their garage.

Some interesting findings:

The most common pairing of vehicles in American households with two to four cars is a full-sized pickup truck and a standard, mid-range vehicle. Of households with two or more vehicles in which one is an SUV, nearly 25% also own a pickup truck. The percentage of one-vehicle households for those earning $250,000 or more annually is 35%—about the same as households with incomes of $25,000 to $34,999

::New Study Shows Multiple Cars Are King in American Households, via ::Study: Nearly 35% of US Households with a Vehicle Have at Least Three

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