New Street Train and Rapid Bus Transit Project for Buenos Aires


Good green-transportation news from Buenos Aires this week. After 50 years of absence, the city welcomed back one of its street trains last Saturday, which will run next to Alicia Moreau de Justo Av., between Independencia Av. and Cordoba Av. For those who aren't familiar with the city, that's Puerto Madero area, a beautiful neighborhood by the river. As there aren't many buses that go by there, the main transport option for these blocks was taxi, so the electric street trains will certainly mean moves forward in terms of carbon emissions as well as comfort. The trains are the most modern ones in the entire American continent: two Citadis 302 models from the French firm Alstom that work with a continuous 750 volts electric current and can carry up to 300 people. The East Street Train was baptized "Celeris". If it works well, it will probably get to other major capitals of the country like Rosario (Santa Fe), Cordoba (Cordoba) and Mendoza (Mendoza). On the other hand, the city's mayor, Jorge Telerman, announced during the opening that in the course of this year, Buenos Aires would also incorporate a Rapid Bus Transit system (one of the ways to Green Your Transport, see examples from the city of Curitiba, Brazil), which will join important traffic centers...
Though he didn't add much, he said the official announcement will be this year and mentioned that one of the streets that could get the service could be Juan B. Justo, in Palermo neighborhood. ::Original News ::How to Green Your Transport