New range-extended London cab slashes fuel use

metrocab taxi photo
Video screen capture Fully Charged

When I wrote recently about David Cameron's views on London's "naturally occurring smog", I included a video about the Metrocab—a range-extended electric vehicle that's joining London's fleet of iconic black cabs.

Currently achieving 74mpg, as opposed to your typical black cab that gets about 18mpg, the metrocab also features a larger interior (complete with panoramic glass roof) and more luggage space thanks to the relatively small gasoline motor that sits under the hood. Currently being sold at no price premium over diesel fueled competitor vehicles, it really does seem like this might be a game changer for many London cabbies.

No wonder so many of them are smiling ear-to-ear in the interviews with Robert Llewellyn below.

New range-extended London cab slashes fuel use
Featuring electric motors, a roomier interior and a gas motor for extended range, the Metrocab could transform London's taxi fleet.

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