New Powertrain Increases Tesla Electric Roadster Range to 244 Miles and Boosts Torque

Tesla Electric Car transmission photo

1 Gear is All You Need
Tesla Motors, makers of the much talked about Tesla Electric Roadster, has just announced that it has selected BorgWarner to produce the new Roadster 1-speed transmission (ratio of 8.2752:1, can go up to 14,000 RPM).

More Powerful and Efficient
The updated version 1.5 powertrain, which also includes a more powerful inverter and an enhanced motor design, will produce 30% more torque (to 280 foot-pounds) while also increasing the EPA rated range of the electric car by 10% to 244 miles (393 kilometers), up from 221 miles (255 klicks). The ΒΌ mile time for the car is now in the 12.9 second range.

But what happens to those lucky few who have Tesla Roadsters with the old powertrain?

Red Tesla Roadster Electric Car photo

I guess that when you pay that much for a car, it better come with good service. Tesla says: "Customers who own Roadsters with the interim transmission can have their powertrain upgraded free of charge."

Production Slowly Ramping Up
So far Tesla has only delivered 27 Roadsters (including Martin Eberhard, who blogged and took pictures of it), but things are speeding up.

"Tesla Motors starts production of 10 new Roadsters each week. Customers typically take delivery four to six weeks after production begins. The company expects production starts to ramp up to at least 20 vehicles per week within a few months and 40 per week by early 2009."

We hope that they'll be able to keep scaling production, but also that work on the Tesla Model S (a 4-door electric sedan that should cost about half of what the Roadster costs) will go well.

Via Tesla Motors, Tesla Blog
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New Powertrain Increases Tesla Electric Roadster Range to 244 Miles and Boosts Torque

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