New iPhone 2.2 Update Rewards Car-Free Commuters


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While the future of General Motors hangs in the balance, the future of public transit is getting more and more appealing. And much much easier.

If you ride mass transit, have an iphone, and live in any of these cities , you are about 245 megabytes away from being rewarded for your carfree lifestyle.

So now you can choose between the following two ways to plan your commute via public transit:

1) By awkwardly unfolding confusing transit maps, creating a "you are here" dot with your thumb, while you then cross reference your location with a printed schedule almost as thick as a telephone book that Columbus would have a hard time navigating.

OR...2) Letting satellites in space locate your current position, while you simply type in your destination, and then choose from a short list of upcoming departure times all clearly referenced on a virtual map you can fit in your palm.

The new Google Transit for iPhone will give you the option to choose between car, public transit, or walking directions in participating cities.

If you don’t have an iphone, two weeks of leaving your car at home could pay for one. If you don't live in a participating city, you can petition your city and google transit.

And while you are being chauffeured around town, the new update will also deliver direct, sync-free podcasts to listen to during the trip or while you wait at the bus stop.

Does commuting get any better than this?

Google transit is not only available for iPhone. More info here.

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