New homes built in Palo Alto will be pre-wired for electric car chargers

Tesla charging in garage
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Ready to receive 240-volt level 2 chargers

Palo Alto's City Council has unanimously supported a proposal to change the city's building code to require new homes to be pre-wired to support 240v level 2 chargers (originally rated at 7.68 kW at 32 amps, but more possible if the system can deliver more amps). The council also backed related proposals to streamline the process for obtaining a permit for a charger, as well as "develop strategies to further encourage electric vehicle use in Palo Alto". This is a great way to reduce friction for EV owners (no need to worry if your house's electrical wiring can handle a charger).

Costs are estimated to be "under $200" per house, which is very low considering it's a way to future-proof the building. When there are tons of electric cars and plug-in hybrids on the road in a few years, the value of a house not properly wired could be reduced by a lot more than $200 considering the hassle and costs of fixing that problem afterwards (easier and cheaper to get it right the first time, when the house is being built).

I think this should be put in building codes everywhere. It'll save money in the long run, and even in the short-run, a hundred bucks or two won't be noticed in $100k+ houses.

Via Mercury News

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