New FCX Fuel Cell Concept by Honda


Honda FCX Fuel Cell Car
Honda will unveil its new FCX hydrogen fuel cell vehicle concept at the Tokyo Motor show (Oct. 22nd to Nov. 6th, more info here). As you can see in the picture above, the new FCX is quite different from the previous generation (you can see pictures and read more about it here). The futuristic look and extreme interior space (it sure seems that way from the picture, in any case) are probably in part due to the fuel cell powertrain which doesn't have the same space and position limitations as a traditional internal combustion engine.

The Honda FC Stack uses a metal separator structure that is easier to manufacture and reduces the number of necessary components by 50%, with the aim of increasing stack longevity and reducing manufacturing costs. This system also includes an aromatic electrolyte membrane that reduces manufacturing costs and increases the range between cold and warm temperature operation.

The 2006 Honda FCX adds a Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System that contains locations for all existing hydrogen-fueling stations within its database. --GCC

October 20th Update: More is now known about the 2006 Honda FCX fuel cell concept car. You can read the latest here.

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