New Electric Vehicle Recharging Points for Central London

Westminster electric vehicle recharging points photo

On-street electric vehicle charging seems to be finally taking off, in the UK at least. We've already seen trial schemes with free charging, and plans for major installations across the country, but now Westminster City Council, in central London, is launching the largest on street charging service in the UK with the opening of 10 new recharging posts. More from their press release:"More drivers than ever before will be able to dodge higher fuel prices in central London today as Westminster City Council rolls out the largest on-street car recharging service in the UK. As well as saving cash, commuters will also be helping to save the environment by using any of the 12 on-street Juice Points for a small annual fee to recharge their electric motors, on top of getting massive discounts to use an additional 48 charging points in the council's car parks. The new posts have been installed outside homes, offices and prime locations across Westminster following a successful pilot scheme in Covent Garden."

Let's hope this continues the massive growth in green(er) car sales in London.

::Westminster City Council::via GoinGreen::

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