New Electric Scooter Patents from Honda - Does This Mean They're Coming?


The folks at Honda are keeping themselves busy these days. Just after announcing that a diesel Accord is coming to the States in a few years, a patent for electric scooter technology popped up over at AutoblogGreen. Featuring a design that looks similar to this prototype we spied a few years back, the patent suggests that Honda is knee-deep in developing an electric scooter using some pretty interesting technology; they're patenting a system for a rear drum brake that employs fins to help keep it cool and resist heat transfer from the brake to the electric motor. While we aren't sure if that includes battery regeneration or not (as in hybrid cars) -- it seems like they ought to -- we hope this means there'll be electric Honda scooters cruising down the roads near you sooner rather than later...stay tuned. ::The Scooter Scoop via ::AutoblogGreen