New Electric Motor is 50% Smaller but has 2x More Torque (!)

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Image: Yasa Motors

Less is More With Electric Motors Too

Electric motors are very efficient compared to gasoline or diesel engines, but it seems like there is still room for improvement. One promising company working on this is a spin-off from Oxford university called Yasa Motors ("Yasa" stands for "Yokeless And Segmented Armature"). Their electric motor was first developed for the Morgan LIFEcar high-performance hydrogen car, but its characteristics - 50% of the volume giving 2x the torque for the same power output - mean it could be used in other things than electric cars, including renewable energy generation and aerospace (lighter airplanes use less fuel...). Even electric bikes could benefit! More details below.

yasa motors electric motor image

This is from a 2007 white paper. It's possible that these numbers have since been improved. Image: Yasa Motors

Scaling Up

Yasa motors has just got £1.45 million ($2.42 million) from a funding round with private investor Seven Spires Investments Limited, and a grant from the UK's Technology Strategy Board. This will help them develop a mass-produced version of their lightweight-but-powerful electric motor that can have applications in many fields, including electric cars and renewable energy generation.

In a 2007 white paper (pdf), they claimed a 95% peak efficiency, but back then they were only at a 20% improvement in torque, so it's probable that peak efficiency has been improved since then.

yasa motors electric motor image

Image: Yasa Motors

Yasa Motors has been working for 8 months with Delta Motorsports to make an electric motor for a 4-seater that will be tested on the track at the end of this year. "The company is aiming to sell a low volume of the motors in its first year, as well as scaling up production and developing new models."

Via Oxford, Physorg

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