New Car by Hybrid Technologies: 220+ MPG, Hybrid and Electric Versions

Hybrid Technologies Electric Car photo

Tesla, Fisker, and Now Hybrid Technologies
Hybrid Technologies is entering a niche currently occupied by Tesla Motors: The green(er) super-car. It's not for sale (it's not even clear if it has a name yet), but a drivable prototype should be ready by September, and Hybrid Technologies are planning two drivetrains: Gasoline-electric hybrid, a version that will compete for the Automotive X-Prize, and an all-electric version.

"Hybrid Technologies is aiming for a 150- to 180-mile range per charge from the all-electric model, while the lithium-ion-meets-gas hybrid needs to hit 220 mpg—minimum."

Hybrid Technologies Electric Car photo

Cautious Optimism
Of course, the usual caveats apply. We can't be sure if it will ever be commercialized, we don't know how far along development they are (they could still hit big problems), etc.

But it still seems like it's worth keeping an eye on. If only because technologies developed up-market usually end up being inexpensive and mainstream a few years later.

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