New Biodiesel Station Opens In Seattle

New Biodiesel Station Opens In Seattle
A new biodiesel station has opened in Seattle, offering 100% biodiesel fuel its pumps. Run by Laurelhurst Oil, a retailer for Propel Fuels, the station will offer biodiesel fuel at $2.96 per gallon. This price is actually competitive with regular diesel fuel in the Seattle city area, which is priced around $2.79 per gallon. The station was recently visited by Senator Maria Cantwell, she made a speech promoting biodiesel there. She said:
"My goal is to make biodiesel an affordable option for all drivers. In other parts of the country, biodiesel actually costs less
than regular gas costs here. I'm working to create ways for Northwest consumers to pay less at the gas pumps by providing other affordable options."

About 2000 drivers fuel their cars with biodiesel currently in Seattle, but that number is expected to grow this summer.

:: KOMO News Story via Biodiesel Blog.

[by Justin Thomas]