New Bicycle Parking System Comes to Riverside, CA


Cyclists in Riverside, California will soon be able to enjoy greater peace of mind when locking their bikes around town, thanks to the installation of 12 BikeLid systems at the Riverside and Corona Metrolink stations. The somewhat odd-looking BikeLids are certainly not as attractive as other systems we've seen, such as the Cyclepod, the Slim, or the bike tree, but they are made from a polyethylene shell that is reinforced with steel and is "attached by a spring-loaded hinge to a steel bike guide/frame. The Bikelid bolts to any ground surface, from earth to concrete." What's more, the company claims that the basic unit "is made from up to 90% industrial plastic waste materials (when supplies are available) and recycled steel." The unit is 100% recyclable. Oh, and a bicycle has yet to be stolen from beneath a Bikelid!

So, how does one use a Bikelid?Well, here are the four steps to using the system, courtesy of Bikelid:

1) Lift the shell by the front handle; the shell is counterbalanced so as to open with greater ease.


2) Roll your beloved bicycle inside--there is room for two!


3) Close the shell over your bike and whatever else you have in there. . .


4) Lock the shell down with a lock such as a u-lock or a padlock.


Via: ::BikeLid

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