Nemesis "Wind-Powered" 100mph Car: Yet Another Update (Video)

nemesis electric car photo

Image credit: Zero Carbonista

You know something has gone amiss when someone posts video #12 in a series of 6. But despite reaching speeds of 100mph in his "wind-powered" electric car, wind turbine entrepreneur (and renewable energy millionaire) Dale Vince has clearly had trouble getting the project finished. I reported back in April that he was still tweaking, and I can now report that he is, well, he's still tweaking. But the car is on the road, getting ready for some track testing, and reaching its final stages of development. Honestly. As with the whole project, Vince and his team have been refreshingly open about the processes and challenges involved in building a cutting edge electric vehicle—clearly hoping to inspire others to learn from their mistakes. And the video update below the fold is no exception.It seems the biggest challenge on the whole project has been the Battery Management System that regulates the load on the batteries, and the resulting temperature. In fact, the challenge of developing a system for such a high performance car proved too much for the original team, and Mr Vince had to find another outfit to complete that part of the project.

But complete it they did, and they are now getting ready to test the thing at Snetterton race track. According to Vince, the testing will mainly revolve around ensuring that battery temperatures remain safe, and simulating "the loss of one motor at high speed (on a very long straight road) to see if the software can cut the power to the other one (we have one on each rear wheel) fast enough to avoid torque steer and the loss of control that could come with that."

And then all that's left to do is to give it a lick of paint, some upholstery, and get ready for the land speed record. I wonder how many more episodes to go...

Video production: TWA Productions

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