Nemesis Electric Car: 134mph in Wild Safety Tests (Video)

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Image credit: Zerocarbonista

From announcing he would develop a "wind-powered" electric sports car, to the day the Nemesis electric car finally hit the track at 100mph, it's been a long and winding road for Dale Vince"—wind-energy entrepreneur and clean-tech millionaire. Now the car is back on the track once more—and this time they are putting it through some pretty crazy safety tests, and they hit 134mph and 0-100 in ten seconds in the process.The tests themselves are an important precaution—looking specifically at what happens if one or other of the car's motors cuts out while the other one keeps driving. (The car has one electric motor for each rear wheel.) Obviously, from a safety standpoint, any sudden loss of power to just one side of the vehicle could cause major handling problems.

Nevertheless, the car appears to handle the challenges admirably—finally losing control when the test driver takes it full throttle through a tight corner. And as for Mr Vince's thoughts on being a year over schedule and double the budget—he doesn't seem too bothered. In fact, he looks like a man who is very pleased to have his new toy on the road.

Video production: TWA Productions

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