Need A Ride To The Sustainable Living Festival? Hop On the Bike Train!


The Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living, based in Coventry, Rhode Island, will be hosting its annual Sustainable Living Festival on June 7 and 8. The great news is that the Festival is typically well attended, but what about all those carbon emissions from people driving to the event? Sure, you can carpool or take the bus, but what if you really want to get in the green spirit and take the greenest, most efficient form of transit there is? I'm referring, of course, to the bicycle, and anyone looking to ride to the Festival is in luck: on both days of the festival, "groups of cyclists and guides will leave from the Providence Train Station to ride to the Sustainable Living Festival." Cyclists like to call this a bicycle train. So what's so great about taking a bike train? Well, it turns out that bike train riders receive some nice perks. For one thing, they get to do a 45 mile ride (round trip), primarily along bike paths, with a group of fellow cyclists, and in between they can enjoy all that the sustainable living festival has to offer. What's more, "all who register for the Bike Trains will receive free admission to the festival, free goodies, and a chance to learn more about ways to live on gently on our earth, and "the first 50 cyclists to register will receive a free t-shirt (designed exclusively for Bike Train cyclists only)."

Yet another advantage of the bike train is that it increases the visibility, and therefore the safety, or the riders. Once the train arrives at the festival, "A bike kiosk and other security options for bicycles will be available." Learn more about the festival here.

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