Navitime Japan Launches Eco-route ASP Service


Japanese GPS service provider, Navitime Japan, has launched a new ASP (application service provider) route-finder service, Eco-route ASP. The service is designed to help corporations build applications for their websites to show customized transport routes, such as delivery routes and travel plans, in order to find the most environmentally friendly route and reduce CO2 emissions.Navitime is already preparing to release its very own eco-manager service using the application for its cellphone route-finder service. When you go to fill up your car, simply enter the amount of gasoline purchased and the number of kilometers travelled and eco-manager will calculate your fuel efficiency comparable to the national average. It will then give you tips on how you can reduce your fuel consumption. All for just a monthly fee of JPY315.

The price of gasoline continues to soar, but hybrids and electric cars are still out of reach for the average citizen. In that case, why not go green, by taking advantage of the eco-manager service and cutting down on your CO2 emissions, and save yourself some green (cash, that is) in the process?

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