Nature Air To Use Waste Vegetable Oil Biodiesel on All Its Ground Vehicles

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photo: © Matthew McDermott

While there are some good reasons to question the ecological sustainability of air travel, you can’t say that at least some airlines are trying pretty hard to green their act. Costa Rica’s Nature Air, which bills itself as the world’s first zero emissions airline (it buys offsets for all the miles in flies...I can hear some of you groaning already), has announced that it will be now be furthering its green cred. The airline will be powering its entire fleet of ground equipment using biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil. Here are the details:Biodiesel Made From Employee-Collected Vegetable Oil
The majority of the recycled vegetable oil is being collected by Nature Air employees themselves—they’re given canisters for the purpose—who give the oil to Nature Air’s fueling company Aerotica, who turn the oil into biodiesel. In addition to this employee-collected oil, the airline purchases refined biodiesel from an unspecified local provider.

The cynic in me wonders what the exact proportions are, and if the employee collections aren’t as much for the image of Nature Air employees all doing their part to help make biodiesel as it is for the actual amount of vegetable oil collected...but, my one experience on a Nature Air flight was pleasant enough, so I won’t begrudge them too much.

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