NASCAR Giants Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon Going Green in Chevy Volts


Photo Courtesy of Chevrolet Volt

Although the idea of NASCAR going green isn't much more than a fantasy, individual drivers can still join the ranks of the sustainability movement. And that's what racing legends Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon have done. The two are the hybrid Volt's new spokesmen, and can be found driving around town in the eco-friendly rides. But will Johnson and Gordon put their money where their mouths are, and take the Volts onto the track?Unfortunately, the answer is no. The NASCAR superstars will still be driving their gas-guzzling Impalas in races, but they did take part in the Chevrolet Volt Homecoming Parade down Detroit's Woodward Avenue on August 18, where Chevy pitched the Volt as its new "classic car." Gordon and Johnson do a good job vaunting the values of the car, and describing how people react upon finding NASCAR champions behind the wheel of a hybrid:

While the parade and the thumbs up from Johnson and Gordon (who has already appeared on Planet Green's "Greensburg") are obviously part of a public relations campaign, I fully support the effort. The Volt has played and will play a big role in bringing affordable electric and hybrid cars to mass market. The use of NASCAR legends as spokesmen will hopefully advertise the appeal of the Volt to a segment of the population outside the usual greenies.

Here's another video from the Volt parade, with commentary from "regular" Volt drivers:

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