NASA-Approved Electric Airplane Flies 200 Miles in 2 Hours

So this is cool. Electric airplanes have been gracing our pages for years now, and while they remain infeasible as a replacement for commercial airliners (duh), they continue to inspire folks with their increasingly impressive feats of sustainable derring do. This guy? Flew 200 miles in two hours on electricity alone. Here's Grist's Chris Mims:

Pipistrel-USA's Taurus G4 won the NASA's CAFE Green Flight Challenge (top prize $1.35 million!) by flying 200 miles in under two hours, using an amount of electricity equivalent to less than two gallons of gas. Google sponsored the competition, which is supposed to stimulate the "electric plane industry." Who even knew there was an electric plane industry? Well, with that kind of seed money, THERE IS NOW.

Plug-in personal aircraft, here we come!

All aboard.

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