Nano-Tech Batteries May Rival Lithium-Ions In Hybrids


Altair Nanotechnologies has announced that, in ongoing testing, it has completed 15,000 deep charge/discharge cycles of its NanoSafe battery cells. Even after 15,000 cycles the cells still retained over 85% of their original charge capacity. Altairnano claims this represents a significant improvement over conventional, commercially available rechargeable battery technologies such as lithium ion, nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium. These batteries would be used in the electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle markets. Update: In fact, the batteries will be in Phoenix Motors electric pickup trucks, which will be offered this Spring with a range of 150 or optionally 200 miles.The battery cells were tested in Altairnano’s labs at 6 minute charge and discharge rates. They were deep charged and discharged meaning they were taken to 100% charge and 0% charge respectively during the 6-minute cycles. Although tests involved full charges and discharges, partial charging and discharging of the battery does not appear to impact the life or the holding charge capacity of the batteries i.e. they exhibit no memory loss.

Via: The Energy Blog

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