Nakano Air Hub: Self Inflating Bicycle Tyres

For some reason or other we found ourselves over at SmartStuff and noticed they had some very cute green stuff. They’ve even begun to code certain finds under ‘environment’. On this visit we were intrigued by something that they'd originally seen at Red Ferret: the Nakano Air Hub. The "world's first automatic air replacement device for bicycle tires." Energy from the spinning wheel sets up a rotary cam action, that feeds a pump inside the hub, which in turns keep your tyres at the correct air pressure. Without any over-inflation, due a special valve. But there is a catch for real lazy types. The bike must be ridden at least 1.8 miles (3 km) a month to work properly. Currently it’s only available in Japan, on bikes by Bridgestone. But once the patent stuff is sorted out, Nakano Iron Works hope to see the idea worldwide. A tad more info can be had at Trends in Japan, who also report that that there are over 30 million bicycles in that country. ::Nakano Air Hub