Myvolt? Voltbook? GM Launches Voltage Social Network

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Yet Another Social Network
So GM has launched a new social network dedicated to the upcoming Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid. The site is called ChevroletVoltage. It aggregates some news from other sites, includes a blog (with a single post for now), forums, video and photo sections, etc. Standard fare for a social network. But why? What is GM trying to accomplish with yet another social network?
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Image: GM
An Answer to a Question Nobody Asked?
Does ChevroletVoltage really offer something different from what could have been done on Facebook, or on a more standard website (blog with comments + forums, for example)? I guess GM wants to be in control of the platform where it markets the Volt, but this seems like a lot of extra work for not much benefit; the site doesn't look that great and it doesn't seem to have that many features.

Let's hope that it improves with time, and that GM will listen to the feedback it gets. In the meantime, it's worth dropping by to look at the videos about the Volt, but so far, I wouldn't recommend registering unless you actually expect to come back often and start discussions on the site's forums. Otherwise, it's kind of pointless.

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