Must Charging Points Come Before Electric Cars?

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The UK Government's recent u-turn on public electric car charging infrastructure highlighted an important debate—are public charging stations a necessary precursor to wide-scale adoption of electric vehicles? On the one hand, some evidence suggests that fears over range anxiety are overblown, and that drivers will charge at home overnight, but on the other hand, a public that is used to filling up wherever and whenever it wants is going to have a hard time letting go of that convenience. In an interesting piece on the chicken and egg situation facing electric cars, Adam Vaughan of The Guardian points to another problem, even for those who charge at home:

The government's decision also ignores the fact that electric cars make the most sense - both in terms of journey types and air pollution - in cities. And, aside from the most affluent and suburban city dwellers, most drivers in cities need kerbside charging points to avoid trailing wires over pavements [sidewalks].

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