MPG Marathon Makes SUV Sip Fuel


One of the results of last week's MPG Marathon was taking a Chevy Captiva SUV filled with seven people, and getting just over 42mpg out of it - 14% better than the official 37mpg. The Marathon was a UK-based two day trip using fuel-saving driving techniques to squeeze every last bit of fuel efficiency goodness out of vehicles. Autoblog Green quotes GM as stating the Marathon results prove, this drive proves "that an SUV can be an environmentally responsible way to travel." Our question to GM: Then what's stopping you from making that happen? Let's take a look at Chevy SUVs available here in the States.From the Chevrolet website:

  • Chevy Avalanche - 14mpg city/20mpg highway

  • Chevy Equinox - 17/24

  • Chevy HHR - 21/30

  • Chevy Suburban - 14/20

  • Chevy Tahoe - 14/19

  • Chevy Trailblazer - 14/20

Nothing close to either the 37mpg combined of the UK-available Captiva, and certainly nothing close to the MPG Marathon results of 42mpg. And we are sure a look at GM's other SUV models would bring similar results. Here's a challenge for GM. If SUVs can be made better, make them better. The challenge for drivers? If you drive a SUV, follow the example of the MPG Marathon crew - find six friends to share your commute with you, and drive like your wallet depends on it.

:: Via Autoblog Green