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In a city with close to 10 million residents, Los Angeles just got a few new entrants into the moving arena that will not only cater to your every need but also do it with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Northstar Moving and Go Green Moving both offer diesel trucks and a variety of other packages to move you from one office or residence to another all while keeping it real green.Northstar Moving Corporation, begun in 1994 will move you just about anywhere in the world you want to go. Luxury packages include, The Martha, The Steve-tini, the Paris, The Angelina and The Britney. The Brit, for example, gets you organized down to a "T" so you can find any article, at any time, during your move. Say you've got a huge family, on the other hand, a la Brangelina, then The Angelina package maybe be for you, with its daycare aspects to ensure your kids are taken care of while you get the house broken down.

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So how is that eco, you might ask? Well, all trucks were recently converted over to biodiesel. The company also put battery-operated lifts on all of the trucks, which means trucks can be turned off while still allowing the use of the lift gates. Diesel particulate matter from idling trucks also contributes to premature deaths, asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. The California Air Resources Board notes that diesel emissions are a major cause of California's cancer risk due to outdoor air emissions. Taking a few more diesel trucks off the road and converting to biodiesel is just one more bite into the elephant, so to speak.

All corporate stationary paper and business cards are 100% recycled and all moving boxes are made from 100% recycled material and also reused after moves. Their main facilities increased natural lighting with windows and skylights to reduce electrical use and also added more insulation to cut down on air conditioning use in the summer. Northstar also partnered with an interior design firm, a nanny service, a pet care service, and even an electronics installation company to ensure that they not just get your stuff to its new destination but they put it where it belongs and hook it all up as well.

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Go Green Moving is another entrant into the green moving arena in Los Angeles area. Their packages are designed to ship you around Los Angeles or California. The difference is that Go Green just works around Los Angeles and California.

Their trucks are also powered by biodiesel and they make sure all of their packaging is eco-friendly by using rentable crates from Earth Friendly Moving thus no messy cardboard to clean up. They also use 100% recycled cotton moving pads.

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