Movie Trailer. No, Trailer Movies. Never Mind.


We love transportable architecture and mobile design- why build a permanent structure for a temporary use? That is one reason container projects like the Freitag store are so interesting. It is not a new idea; Bookmobiles have been around forever, and evidently there used to be moviemobiles like the 1938 Trailer Theater from Modern Mecanix. No, it is not a theater where you watch trailers (though they give away so much of a movie these days, and we all have such short attention spans that such an idea might work) but a trailer where you watch movies. "Traveling from town to town throughout the northwest, a trailer theater is bringing talking movies to communities lacking theaters of their own. This mobile movie house is fifty-five feet long and comfortably seats sixty persons in bus-style chairs, which are permanently fixed. A small stage over the front wheels permits vaudeville or lectures, and two projectors in a fireproof booth show up-to-date movies against a rolling screen. If power lines are not handy, the plant can furnish its own 110-volt current. Electric fans have been installed." ::Modern Mechanix